ClinTex is a solution provider to the pharmaceutical and academic medical research industry.

We provide an innovative ecosystem to drive efficiencies in the conduct and oversight of clinical trials by providing cutting edge, scalable and cost-effective clinical data analytics services.

Our CTi (Clinical Trials Intelligence) ecosystem identifies and helps eliminate clinical trial bottlenecks as they happen, as well as using advanced analytics to allow researchers to predict the probability of clinical trial events that may slow progress of a clinical trial.

With the application of powerful and insightful data analytics functionality across administrative, operational and clinical functions, stakeholders can now identify, action and resolve the potential issues detected before they negatively impact the clinical trial performance.


The CTi eco-system

The CTi eco-system consists of seven separate Apps which each provide invaluable key insights and immense benefit to stakeholders such as Clinical Project Managers & Physicians, Clinical Data Managers, Pharmacovigilance staff and Site Monitors.


Operational Excellence

Provides intuitive operational oversight of clinical trials for clinical project managers, clinical data managers and remote staff, allowing instream decision-making on what actions are required to ensure a successful project.


Clinical Data Visualisations

Provides enhanced clinical data review through the use of data visualisations to identify issues that may impact on the trial integrity and safety of the patient e.g. data quality issues, disease exacerbation. Furthermore, CTi-CDV will facilitate flagging of these issues, and corrective actions to be recorded and monitored.


Predictive Analytics

The CTi-PDA application will combine all operational and clinical data sources and use predictive modelling to forecast issues and events before they happen. The CTi-PDA application will reveal hidden correlations across all datasets thereby facilitating the pharmaceutical company to take pro-active action to address.


Risk Based Monitoring

The CTi-RBM application will use current and historical data to predict specific risks, and thereby allow for tactical deployment of the pharmaceutical company’s data and site monitoring resources to take preventative action. This predictive risk based approach differs from current reactive approaches to risk and can significantly reduce site monitoring costs during a clinical trial.


Artificial Intelligence

The CTAi app has an inbuilt natural language processing engine that enables clinical trial professionals to interact with data, without requiring an understanding or knowledge of how to program SQL queries.


Patient Recruitment and Retention

The CTi-PRR application manages recruitment and retention of patients for clinical trials by providing a portal for patient identification and producing a series of alerts (based on predictive analytics) that flag when a patient is at risk of withdrawing from the study.


Site Investigators

The CTi-SIM application manages the recruitment of investigators (physicians) to run clinical trials,and manages token payment compensation by the pharmaceutical company to investigators, triggered by data-driven milestones and KPIs, defined on Clinical Trials Intelligence.


Vendor Management

CTi-VMM provides oversight on data quality and manages token payment compensation by the pharmaceutical company to the third party vendors, triggered automatically by data-driven milestones and KPIs, defined on Clinical Trials Intelligence.


Clinical Trials Artificial Intelligence

Clintex are proud to present the Clinical Trials Artificial Intelligence (CTAi) Application which uses AI technology to enable the intelligent oversight and management of clinical trials.

With the CTI natural language processing engine, no technical knowledge is required for medics to analyse data during clinical trials. They can ask questions about the data using everyday English and get rapid results without relying on programmers, thus radically accelerating and simplifying approaches for the detection of safety, operational and data quality issues.

The CTAI application is an exciting and innovative technology to support medical review of clinical data. It breaks down technical barriers and improves accessibility to data, allowing anyone to develop complex medical insights using natural language processing.

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At ClinTex, we understand that every clinical trial has unique needs.

That’s why we offer customized demos that highlight aspects of our platform that will best suit your specific trial requirements.

Your demo will include:

A COMPREHENSIVE WALK-THROUGH: Navigate the features which are most relevant to you.

Q&A SESSION: Speak to CTi expert and get immediate answers and insights for how CTi and CTAi can best serve your business needs.

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: This is not simply a demo. We want to have a conversation with you to learn more about your business and how we can work with you to get the most out of the CTi platform.



CTi is used for access to the platform via a staking licence model on the Clinical Trials Intelligence integrated wallet. There is no other payment gateway for access to the platform

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