The CTi Token


CTi is the native token for the Clinical Trials Intelligence platform by ClinTex. 

CTi is used for access to the platform via a staking licence model on the Clinical Trials Intelligence integrated wallet.

There is no other payment gateway for access to the platform.

The CTi token will also be used for inter-platform payments in phase 3, such as reward payments to clinical data providers and third party clinical investigators.

There are 191,311,840 CTI tokens in existance. When the platform goes live and staking begins, there will be a lot less.

Frequently Asked Questions Below




Where can I purchase CTI today?

CTI  is trading on KuCoin Exchange here:


and Uniswap here:


You can also now trade CTi/BNB on Binance Smart Chain. To do this, you can use the ClinTex Binance Smart Chain bridge to port your CTi tokens between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

You can then trade CTi against BNB on Pancake Swap here:

What is the CTI contract address?

0x8c18d6a985ef69744b9d57248a45c0861874f244 ​​​​​​​ is the only CTI contract address. 

Please don't fall for any substitutes. 

 What is the total supply, and circulating supply?

Total  Supply: 191,311,840

Circulating Supply: 74,695,372 (approximately).

What is the lock-up/vesting period for CTI tokens distributed in the Pre-Sale Rounds?

Tier 1 (0.05c) - There is a phased vesting period which unlocks the participants CTI tokens at staggered intervals up to two years:

25%: No Vest
25% 6 Months
25% 12 Months
25% 24 Months

Tier 2 (0.075c) - 

50%: No Vest
50%: 2 Months

All vesting schedules can be verified on as they are locked by smart contract on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Can we see a full breakdown of the token distribution?

Pre-Sale Tier 1    10.0%
Pre-Sale Tier 2    13.3%
Treasury    16.7%
Reserved for Strategic Partners    10.0%
Reserved for Referrals, Promotions & Bounty    3.0%
Shareholders    12.5%
Reserved for Advisors    5.0%
Reserved for Pharma Industrial Trials (Testing)    5.0%
Management Team    12.5%
Team Incentive (Milestone Based Bonus Reserve) 12%

What about the vesting schedules for the rest of the allocations, and can you tell us more about them?

Reserved for Strategic Partners (10%, 20,000,000 CTI) — This reserve will be locked initially and accessed as (and only if/when) required for strategic partners, such as exchanges, liquidity providers, etc.

Reserved for Referrals, Promotions & Bounty (3%, 6,000,000 CTI) — This reserve is for bounty payments in case of the need for a bounty marketing campaign in the run up to the public sale round. Tokens distributed from this pool will have a lock-up vesting period of 6 Months.

Shareholders (12.5%, 25,000,000 CTI) — This reserve is for the founders, and some minor stake for participants in the seed (F&F) round.

Vesting schedule (Staggered Release):

20%: 6 Months
20%: 12 Months
20%: 24 Months
20%: 36 Months
20%: 48 Months

Reserved for Advisors (5%, 10,000,000 CTI) — This pool will have a lock-up vesting period of 6 Months. Undistributed CTI tokens in this pool will be locked, but may be accessed in the future if and when ClinTex take on more advisors.

Reserved for Pharma Industrial Trials (5%, 10,000,000 CTI) — These tokens will facilitate pilot trials on the live system. They will be locked until live platform testing roll-out and burned once pilot trials are complete. They will never be a part of the circulating supply.

Management Team (12.5%, 25,000,000 CTI) — This pool is for the wider ClinTex team.

Vesting schedule (Staggered Release):

20%: No vest
20%: 6 Months
20%: 12 Months
20%: 24 Months
20%: 36 Months

Team Incentive (Milestone Based Structured Bonus Scheme) — ClinTex will go on a recruitment drive as soon as funding is complete and distributions from this reserve will act as a bonus incentive, along with salary pay, to further attract top talent into the new roles. The tokens will remain locked until development milestones are met, in line with the development roadmap (see the ClinTex CTi Whitepaper, page 24).

What's this staking mechanism you speak of?

Clinical Trials Intelligence is a B2B SaaS offering targeting the $1.25 trillion-dollar pharmaceutical market.

To access the platform, the user will require a licence which will be granted by smart contract when a predefined amount of CTi tokens are staked in the user’s platform integrated wallet.

Those CTI tokens will need to be purchased on the open market and once a licence is granted, will remain staked in the platform wallet for the duration of the licence period (12 months minimum).

ClinTex (a centralised company and the developers of CTi) are working diligently to this end.

ClinTex will bill each licence at $300,000 annually, of which $200,000 is going to be spent on the procurement of CTI tokens from the open market (more detail in the whitepaper).

This means that for every client that is on-boarded to the platform, and for every clinical trial that uses the platform, there is going to be $200,000 worth of CTI removed from the circulating supply, for a minimum of 12 months.

There are approximately 300,000 registered clinical trials on-going at any one time.

A fraction as small as 0.1% of this market using the CTi platform, will equate to a buying power of >$60m USD entering the token market.

The effect this incoming volume is expected have on the token value is significant, as circulating supply will rapidly become substantially depleted. 

When will the platform go live?

We are aiming to go live on pilot trials from the second half of 2021.

Can you mint any more tokens?

No, no more CTI can be created.

Has the smart contract been independantly audited?

Yes, by BEOSIN, a leading smart contract security specialist. 

Here is the full report.