Announcing CTI Single Asset Staking — Up to 40% Yield

In recognition of the outstanding support the community has shown the CTi project, the ClinTex team have decided to reward token holders by giving away up to $1m USD worth of CTi directly back to the community!

We are proud to announce CTi Staking Rewards — an opportunity for CTi token holders to earn up to 40% Interest on their CTi over just six months.

18.5 Million CTi tokens (over $1m USD in value) will be distributed directly to all participants that take part in the CTi staking program.

This is a single asset staking program which means that unlike most DeFi pools, you only need CTi to earn these high yield rewards.You just send your CTi to the staking pool and once your selected staking term is up, you collect your capital plus your earnings reward. That’s it.

Full announcement over on the Clintex Medium Page here.

You can purchase CTi for staking and earning rewards on KuCoin here (ERC20), Uniswap here(ERC20), or Pancake Swap here(BEP20).

You can also switch your CTi between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains on the ClinTex Bridge here.

To open the CTi Staking App just enter through the button below.

Stake on Ethereum Stake on Binance Chain 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the staking terms?

There are three options for staking rewards -  one month, three months or five months, with the highest interest rewards going to the longest staking term.

1 Month (30 Days) - 6% Interest

3 Months (90 Days) - 21% Interest

5 Months (150 Days) - 40% Interest

For example:

1,000 CTi added to the 3 Month Staking Contract — on expiry after 90 days, you can withdraw/claim/redeem 1,210 CTI. (21% Earned)

1,000 CTi added to the 5 Month Staking Contract, on expiry (150 days), you can withdraw/claim/redeem 1,400 CTI (40% Earned)

How long will the staking program run for? 

The CTi staking program will run for 6 months, from 1st April to 30th September 2021.

What happens at the end of a staking period?

At the conclusion of a staking term you will  have the option to withdraw your full stake and your reward.

You will no longer automatically receive staking rewards, however you do have the option to 'Compound' your full amount (initial stake + rewards) to receive even more staking rewards.

'Compound' my stake - what's that?

All participants have the option to ‘Compound’ your staking rewards for another term, meaning you will earn further rewards on your initial capital, plus the rewards already gained.

For example:

1,000 CTi added to the 1 Month Staking Contract — on expiry after 30 days, you have earned 1,060 CTI. Rather than withdraw, users have the option to Compound the 1,060 for another 30 days so that your first month’s rewards are now earning rewards as well, meaning after 60 days you can redeem a total of 1,236 CTI (12.36% Earned).

In the example above, a user has staked 100 CTI at the start. When they ‘Compound’ into month 2 — they can earn 12.36%. Continuing to compound right up to month 6, 41.85% is earned over their original stake.

So whats the highest return I can get?

In theory you can get 41.9% if you compounded the one month staking term 6 times, but to realise that you would have to have placed your stake on the very first minute staking goes live and left your stake compounding until the very last.

In practice the best return is 40% for a 5 month staking term.

Gas fees are high, is there any way around this?

For now the staking contract is on Ethereum only but we will be also deploying the staking contract on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Watch this space.

You will be able to use the BSC staking option by sending your CTi through the CTi BSC Bridge. You will receive bCTi in return, which you can then stake in the usual way. Note to use to the BSC chain, you will need BNB for gas. You can buy BNB here on Binance.

See also this guide to configuring Metamask for use with Binance Smart Chain.

What happens when the staking program ends?

The Clinical Trials Intelligence platform will go live with the first app, CTi-OEM, and CTi tokens will begin to be removed the the circulating supply pool as per the mechanism detailed on pages 32 and 33 of our whitepaper.

Where do I take part?

Just click the button below to enter the CTi Staking App.