CTi Token Pre-Sale Opens 12th August 2020 (2)-min.png

** ClinTex CTi Pre-Sale Tier 2 has concluded**

Massive thanks to all participants!

Your contribution to the CTi token pre-sale will go towards the development of a platform that helps provide medical patients with unrivalled access to expedited and cost-efficient new and promising medicines.

Feel free to review our Pre-Sale Pitch Deck here, and have a read of the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Any enquiries, or for corporate KYC, please contact the team at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the discounted CTI token price in the Pre-Sale round?

CTI  tokens in PreSale Tier 1 are priced at USD $0.05c, which is a 60% discount on the main round token sale (IEO) price, which will be USD $0.12c. Tier 1 is now sold out.

CTI  tokens in PreSale Tier 2 are priced at USD $0.075c, which is a 40% discount on the main round token sale (IEO) price, which will be USD $0.12c. Tier 2 has now concluded also.

 What is the total supply, and what percent will be sold in the Pre-Sale Round with the discount?

The total amount of CTI tokens to be minted is 200,000,000, with 40% being made available for public sale.

The total amount of CTI that will be sold (at USD 0.05c) in the Tier 1 Pre-Sale round is 20,000,000 (10% of the total minted)

The total amount of CTI that will be sold (at USD 0.075c) in the Tier 2 Pre-Sale round is 26,666,667 (13.3% of the total minted)

The total amount of CTI that will be sold at USD 0.12c in the main public sale round (IEO) is 33,333,333 (16.7% of the total minted)

What is the lock-up/vesting period for CTI tokens distributed in the Pre-Sale Rounds?

Tier 1 (0.05c) - There is a phased vesting period which unlocks the participants CTI tokens at staggered intervals up to two years:

25%: No Vest
25% 6 Months
25% 12 Months
25% 24 Months

Tier 2 (0.075c) - 

50%: No Vest
50%: 2 Months

All vesting schedules will begin 24 hours before the main public sale goes live.

All vesting schedules can be verified on etherscan.io as they are locked by smart contract on the Ethereum public blockchain.

When will I get my tokens?

Within 24 hours of the pre-sale ending. 

We had intended to let the contract distribute the tokens to each individual immediately after their contribution, however the current network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain is making the gas fees very high for the buyer (as the contract is calling a minting function).

To alleviate this, ClinTex will batch mint the tokens so that we cover the gas fee ourselves, and then the contract will transfer the CTI tokens to all contributors ERC20 wallets at the close of the pre-sale.

If you want to see tokens in your wallet immediately, please use our Bounce.Finance fixed swap option.

Can we see a full breakdown of the token distribution?

Pre-Sale Tier 1    10.0%
Pre-Sale Tier 2    13.3%
Reserved for Public Token Sale / IEO    16.7%
Reserved for Strategic Partners    10.0%
Reserved for Referrals, Promotions & Bounty    3.0%
Shareholders    12.5%
Reserved for Advisors    5.0%
Reserved for Pharma Industrial Trials (Testing)    5.0%
Management Team    12.5%
Team Incentive (Milestone Based Bonus Reserve) 12%

What about the vesting schedules for the rest of the allocations, and can you tell us more about them?

Reserved for Strategic Partners (10%, 20,000,000 CTI) — This reserve will be locked initially and accessed as (and only if/when) required for strategic partners, such as exchanges, liquidity providers, etc.

Reserved for Referrals, Promotions & Bounty (3%, 6,000,000 CTI) — This reserve is for bounty payments in case of the need for a bounty marketing campaign in the run up to the public sale round. Tokens distributed from this pool will have a lock-up vesting period of 6 Months.

Shareholders (12.5%, 25,000,000 CTI) — This reserve is for the founders, and some minor stake for participants in the seed (F&F) round.

Vesting schedule (Staggered Release):

20%: 6 Months
20%: 12 Months
20%: 24 Months
20%: 36 Months
20%: 48 Months

Reserved for Advisors (5%, 10,000,000 CTI) — This pool will have a lock-up vesting period of 6 Months. Undistributed CLX tokens in this pool will be locked, but may be accessed in the future if and when ClinTex take on more advisors.

Reserved for Pharma Industrial Trials (5%, 10,000,000 CTI) — These tokens will facilitate pilot trials on the live system. They will be locked until live platform testing roll-out and burned once pilot trials are complete. They will never be a part of the circulating supply.

Management Team (12.5%, 25,000,000 CTI) — This pool is for the wider ClinTex team.

Vesting schedule (Staggered Release):

20%: No vest
20%: 6 Months
20%: 12 Months
20%: 24 Months
20%: 36 Months

Team Incentive (Milestone Based Structured Bonus Scheme) — ClinTex will go on a recruitment drive as soon as funding is complete and distributions from this reserve will act as a bonus incentive, along with salary pay, to further attract top talent into the new roles. The tokens will remain locked until development milestones are met, in line with the development roadmap (see the ClinTex CTi Whitepaper, page 24).

Pre-Sale Tier 2  — This pool will be priced at 0.075c.

Vesting schedule (Staggered Release):

50%: No vest
50%: 2 Months

What will happen to unsold tokens from the Presale Round?

The excess bonus tokens will be burned permanently. The remaining tokens will then be sold at full price (USD 0.12c) in the main public round, up to the hardcap raise limit of $7m USD.

What will happen to unsold tokens from the main token sale round?

They will be burned permanently.

There is a closing date of Friday 23rd October for this round, why is that?

We intend to move onto the main public token sale (IEO) as quickly as possible, on a leading cryptocurrency exchange. In the interests of fairness to participants in the main public round, we will not accept any contributions for the presale after the closing date (or after the pre-sale allocation sells out, whichever comes first).

What is the legal status of the token and token sale, in regard to securities law?

ClinTex have had the CTI token and token sale reviewed by our legal partners and have ensured full regulatory compliance both in the UK and Malta (a Legal Opinion document is available on request). We encourage all participants to check with their local authority before taking part.

I notice you are accepting Binance Coin (BNB) in the Pre-Sale Round — do you have an official partnership with Binance?

ClinTex do not have an official partnership with Binance. However we do hope to work with them in the future and are happy to support their eco-system by accepting BNB.

How do I take part in the Presale?

Unfortunately Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the CTi Pre-Sale are now closed. We will soon announce the details of our main (and final) token sale, please stay tuned to all ClinTex social media channels for more updates.