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T-Cell Response Central to Coronavirus Vaccine Hopes

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Encouraging new research suggests rapidly decreasing antibody levels don’t necessarily limit the effectiveness of potential vaccines While the media have been awash with doomsday reports that…

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In the Race to Find a Treatment for Covid-19, Data is Key

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  With the world gripped by pandemic, the race for a cure is very much on. While there are literally hundreds of trials ongoing for antivirals (to cure) and vaccines (to prevent), experts tell…

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Clinical Data Collaboration in search of COVID-19 Treatments

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Collation and collaboration of clinical trial data underpins the strategy to find effective and safe COVID-19 treatments. In this strategy, the importance of sharing data, and deriving timely insights…

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How to Lower the Cost of New Medicines (Hint: coordination is the key)

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The development of new medicines in a free market economy presents a dilemma. On the one hand, the motivation for profit helps drive the innovation needed for development of new medicines. On the…

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CTi-OEM App delivers insights into operational performance of 3 Late Phase Clinical Trials

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After integrating data from various trials available from the EMA, Clintex are pleased to announce that the CTI-OEM app has delivered a number of valuable operational insights into 3 Late Phase…

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Driving Innovation: Blockchain Adoption For Clinical Trials Optimization


Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are feeling the pressure to reduce the time, financial, and other resource costs associated with conducting clinical trials. With the influx of…

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The Future Of Blockchain: CTi well placed to exploit blockchain use cases Set To Reshape Life Sciences

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Ever since blockchain burst onto the scene a decade ago as a technology primarily designed for use in the financial services industry, people have continually found new—and sometimes…

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Pharma Blockchain Conference 2019 – see you there!

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One of the most talked about technologies of 2018 is Blockchain. The blockchain technology market is expected to grow to 2.3 billion US dollars by 2021, from 339.5 million US dollars in 2017. With an…

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CTi Development reaches key milestone

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ClinTex are delighted to announce that the CTi Platform has reached a key development milestone this month. Both the CTi Data Model design and the CTi-OEM app have reached…

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Top 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Pharma and Healthcare – Clintex CTi will deliver Use Case 5


The blockchain technology is well suited for use cases involving track-and-trace, product provenance and supply chain governance. The pharmaceutical industry is actively exploring the blockchain…

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Leveraging Blockchain for Clinical Trials/Research


Groundbreaking Technology Key for Improving Clinical Studies, Unlocking and Securing Data and Enhancing Patient Safety and Engagement When you consider the exorbitant costs and excessive timelines…

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Pharma the next industry to embrace blockchain?


The mainstream press headlines are full these days of the tales of possibilities offered by blockchain technology. But actually, on the ground, it takes a certain entrepreneurial spirit to instigate a…

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