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T-Cell Response Central to Coronavirus Vaccine Hopes

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Encouraging new research suggests rapidly decreasing antibody levels don’t necessarily limit the effectiveness of potential vaccines While the media have been awash with doomsday reports that…

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In the Race to Find a Treatment for Covid-19, Data is Key

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  With the world gripped by pandemic, the race for a cure is very much on. While there are literally hundreds of trials ongoing for antivirals (to cure) and vaccines (to prevent), experts tell…

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Clinical Data Collaboration in search of COVID-19 Treatments

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Collation and collaboration of clinical trial data underpins the strategy to find effective and safe COVID-19 treatments. In this strategy, the importance of sharing data, and deriving timely insights…

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Data Quality Issues Continue to Delay Drugs Development

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But an exciting blockchain-based data analytics solution is finally on the horizon In yet another case highlighting the failure of legacy data management systems in clinical trials, US-based pharma…

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The Future Of Clinical Trials: How AI & Big Tech Could Make Drug Development Cheaper, Faster, & More Effective

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Testing new drugs is a slow, expensive, and manual process. Artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt every stage of the clinical trials process — from matching eligible patients to…

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CTi Development reaches key milestone

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ClinTex are delighted to announce that the CTi Platform has reached a key development milestone this month. Both the CTi Data Model design and the CTi-OEM app have reached…

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Join Us At The Clinical Trial Innovation Summit

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Join us at the Clinical Trial Innovation Summit and learn more about how the power of Big Data can help change the way that clinical trials are managed. Check our details…

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